How to Become a Minor’s Attorney

If you’re a California family law attorney and are would like to represent a minor this is what you will need to do:

(1) Complete 12 hours of applicable education via CLEs or another formal educational or professional association.

(2) Must have represented a party or a child in at least six proceedings involving child custody within the preceding five years. At least two of the six proceedings must have involved contested child custody and visitation issues in family law. Child custody proceedings in dependency or guardianship cases can count for no more than three of the six required for appointment.

(3) You will then request that the court appoints you as counsel by timely filing Declaration of Counsel for a Child Regarding Qualifications (form FL-322). You will need to file the form no later than 10 days after being appointed and before working on the case.

If everything is done properly the court will then issue a written order appointing you as counsel for the child and you are all set to go!


San Diego Local Rules of Court

Rule 5.242 California Rules of Court 2017

Rule 5.240 California Rules of Court 2017

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